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Our Expertise

At JunkBug, we specialize in eco-friendly junk removal. That means we haul away the stuff you don’t want anymore and dispose of it in the most environmentally responsible manner.

First, we donate anything that still has life in it. You can feel good about passing your junk on to someone else who considers it a treasure.

Second, we recycle anything that cannot be donated. We are familiar with all of the local recycling facilities, some of which you may not even know exist. Because we’re in the know, we can responsibly recycle things you may not even have realized were salvageable.

Overall, we strive to donate or recycle 80 percent of the junk we remove, which means that only a small percentage of waste ends up in the landfill.


Saves Your Time

Each appointment comes with a 3 hour window when booked directly online. You can expect a call from our hauler 15 to 30 minutes prior to arrival.


In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied, and if we cannot correct this, your service call will be free!

Seamless Communication

Our professional team is always at hand to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to message us!

What We Do​

Junk Removal


Eco-friendly junk removal is a win-win for JunkBug, our customers, and our planet. If you need same-day junk removal and want to ensure that your waste is disposed of in the most responsible manner, call or click today to schedule a convenient appointment.

Full-service Stress Free

With the most professional crew, JunkBug offers hauling services and light demolition near you!

Residential Services

Getting ready to move? Or, are you remodeling your home? Leave the mess to us! We do everything from appliance removal to attic cleanup.

Commercial Services

Do you own real estate rentals? Let us take care of removing junk after your tenants move. Need help with your office cleanout? Contact us today!


We offer demolition services for both residential and commercial customers. From kitchen removals to office demolitions, we can help.

Junk Removal

Professional junk removal services

Be the part of the solution, not the pollution- Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Services

What a concept! Scrap metal recycling could contribute to the preservation of the planet!

While you buy things that become junk after some time and make you worry, JunkBug makes life trouble-free by hauling junk same-day from homes in an eco-friendly way.

Your unwanted items become wanted for people in need, and the rest is recycled appropriately by us!


We at JunkBug understand your sentiments attached to your things. Therefore, we try our best to make the best use of the items by donating them to others so that they can feel your happiness too!
We’ve got your back! You won’t do a thing! The JunkBug will handle everything.


What We Do​

Junk Removal

Junk Removal & Light Demolition Service

JunkBug provides professional junk removal & light demolition services. Our services are transparent, without any hidden charges. JunkBug collects all kinds of waste, including household hazardous waste materials. We are professional recyclers and do our best work in keeping the planet clean. 

Our team sorts through every junk load we collect for the retrieval of reusable items that can benefit local charities. The services of JunkBug are quality assured. We carry all the proper licenses and insurances to legally operate. Each of our team members are background checked and highly experienced.


We are here to collect all your junk!

JunkBug Junk Removal is a full service junk removal and recycling company that offers prompt, professional and reliable removal of your junk, trash or unwanted items from your home or business.

Residential Services

Appliance Recycling
Garage Clean Out
Furniture Removal
Attic Cleanup
Basement Cleanup
Yard Waste
Mattress Recycling
General Waste
Hot Tubs

Commercial Services

Property Management
Office Clean Outs
Office Cubicle Removals
Real Estate
Merchandise Removals
General Debris Removals
Post Construction Debris

Light Demolition Services

Kitchen Demolition
Bathroom Demolition
Whole Room Tear Downs
Doors, Cabinets, Walls, Etc.
Driveway Removals
Patio Removals
Shed Tear Downs

Professional Quality Guarantee

Our team is build up of highly professional crew and they know how to the job in the right way.

Easy and Affordable payments

Keeping all the ages in mind, our payment mode is as simple as booking us!

Best service guarantee

We are no.1 junk removal services providers in your area

Save Your Time

Taking all the junk out is a tough task to do so we recommend you to get the services by JunkBug. Let us handle it!



Locations we serve

Service Areas

Whittier, CA

10230 Colima Rd Whittier,
CA 90603

Irvine, CA

16 Technology Dr Irvine,
CA 92618

Henderson, NV

3535 Executive Terminal Drive
Henderson NV 89052

Salt Lake City, UT

159 West Broadway, Suite 200, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Amazing customer service! I was able to reach them immediately, and David was extremely friendly and helpful. I just needed my treadmill removed and David gave me a better price than anyone else in the area. To make things even better, he came in 20 minutes and removed it in 2 minutes. I will definitely use their service again. So happy!
Lana H.
Lana H.
David was super responsive and did an emergency job for me at a very reasonable cost. I had contractors coming into my building the next morning and needed my office cleared. David came even with just a few hours notice and took everything away. I called several other companies, but Junk Bug was the most reasonable. I have his number saved in my contacts and would highly recommend him.
Jonathan S.
Irvine, CA
I hired Junk bug because of their awesome reviews and I'm glad I did. They did an A-M-A-Z -I-N-G job cleaning out my garage of all the garbage I've been storing for years... The main guy, David, wow, I gotta say that guy is fast and really cool. Their pricing is very reasonable when you think of all the heavy lifting they do.. I am definitely recommending them to all my friends!!!!!
Lilly M.
Los Angeles, CA

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